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How can you help your child learn that Jesus lives forever? The Bible App for Kids might just be the tool to help you reveal this key biblical truth to your little one. Keep reading to see how the Bible App for Kids will explain to your child that ours is a living God!


Story: Into the Cloudsjesus-ascension-story
Theme: Jesus returns to heaven
Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:4-12

This app recreates 15 stories from Jesus’ life – right from His birth to His crucifixion and miraculous resurrection. This story about Jesus’ ascension will bless your child in more than one way! Not only will your little one learn that Jesus lives forever, but also get introduced to concepts such as the Great Commission and the Second Coming of Jesus. Let’s take a look:

  • Your child will learn that Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit before He returned to Heaven. This will show your child that even though Jesus has left us physically, He continues to live in us through the Holy Spirit.


  • Soon, your little one will be introduced to the Great Commission when he or she hears Jesus command His disciples to “tell everyone about me.” This will help your child realise that Jesus’ command applies to him or her as well. As a result, your son or daughter will be encouraged to share the gospel with his or her friends.
  • As the story progresses, your son or daughter will hear Jesus speak about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This will help your child understand that our God is three-in-one. In fact parents, you can use this opportunity to further explain the concept of the trinity to your child.  
  • What’s more, your child will hear Jesus say, “I will always be with you.” This will assure your kid that God is always with him or her. Moreover, your little one will learn to be confident in Christ.
  • Your little one can also tap the screen to see Jesus ascend into Heaven and watch two men promise the disciples that “He will come back in the same way!” This will not only reiterate the fact that Jesus continues to live, but also teach your child that He will return for His people one day.


The story Into the Clouds is packed with valuable biblical lessons about the Holy Spirit, the Great Commission, and the Second Coming. More importantly, your son or daughter will learn that he or she worships a living God!

The Bible App for Kids has more precious truths to reveal to your little one. Your child will learn about the Trinity, explore God’s faithfulness, and get a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit.

So parents, why not download the Bible App for Kids and let your child learn important truths about God and His word? Click the button below and get the app right away!

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