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The stories of Jesus healing the lame, deaf, and blind are among the most incredible testimonies of God’s power in the Bible. Well parents, guess what? The Bible App for Kids can actually make the stories of Jesus healing people come to life for your child!  


This app is a great tool to introduce over 40 Bible stories to your kid in a fun and interactive way. Today, we’ll explore how this app will demonstrate the healing power of Jesus to your child through three different stories –Through the Roof, Demons Destroyed, and Time to Get Up.

1. Story: Through the Roofroof
Theme: Jesus heals a paralysed man
Scripture: Luke 5:17-26

The story Through the Roof will take your little one to the time when Jesus healed a paralysed man who was lowered down from the roof to Him. These are some of the key lessons that your child will learn from this interactive story:

  • Perhaps the most important lesson that this story will teach your little one is that Jesus heals! Your child will observe how the friends of the paralysed man believe that Jesus can heal him, and he or she will be inspired to have similar faith.
  • This story will also help your child understand the meaning of true friendship when he or she sees all the effort the four men make so that Jesus can heal their friend. In fact, your child can tap the screen to help the friends remove the tiles from the roof!


  • Your child will hear Jesus tell the paralysed man that his sins are forgiven and he is healed! This will show your little one that Jesus not only heals our sicknesses, but also forgives our sins.
  • Your child will also hear the religious leaders grumble when they see Jesus heal the man. At this point, you can explain to your child that having a “holier-than-thou” attitude can stop a person from experiencing God. This will help your child understand that God loves a humble and compassionate heart.  
  • As your child watches people celebrate the paralysed man’s healing, he or she will see how God’s presence and power brings joy!


2. Story: Demons Destroyedjesus-heals-stories
Theme: Jesus casts out evil spirits
Scripture: Mark 5:1-20

The next story Demons Destroyed will show your child how Jesus delivered the demon-possessed man from evil spirits. Let’s see what lessons your child will learn from this story:

  • Jesus’ concern for the possessed man will show your child that God loves and cares about everyone, including those who are cast aside by others. This will encourage your child to be more compassionate towards other people.


  • This story will also teach your child that Jesus transforms us completely! Your child will see how the man is completely healed, sane, and fully clothed after Jesus delivers him from the evil spirits.


  • As this story comes to a happy ending, your little one will hear Jesus instruct the healed man to tell others about what He has done. This will also encourage your child to testify about God’s goodness in his or her own life.

3. Story: Time to Get Upjesus-heals-stories
Jesus heals a girl
Scripture: Luke 8:40-42, 49-56

The third story that we have chosen in this blog will show your child how Jesus healed Jairus’ daughter. Here are the top lessons that your child will learn from the story Time to Get Up:

  • Your little one will learn to ask Jesus for healing when he or she sees Jairus ask Jesus to heal his daughter. The unwavering faith of Jairus will teach your child to trust God for healing, too!


  • When the news of the girl’s death reaches the crowd, Jesus comforts and reassures Jairus. This will show your kid that nothing is impossible for Jesus – He can even raise people from the dead!
  • Your child will hear people laugh when Jesus says that the girl is just sleeping and is not dead. This will help your son or daughter learn that it is important to trust Jesus, even when others don’t.
  • The app’s touch-screen animations make this story come to life. For example, your child can tap the screen to hear people weeping outside Jairus’ house. Moreover, he or she can touch the screen and see Jesus walk up to the girl, take her hand, and ask her to stand up. This life-like animation will help your child remember this miracle story.  


Would you like your child to learn that Jesus is a God who heals? Well, the Bible App for Kids offers a great opportunity for your kid to witness the healing power of Jesus!

So, don’t wait! Download the Bible App for Kids today, and let your child dive into over 40 biblical adventures.

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