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All parents want the best all-round development for their kids, don’t they? Right from good schools and extracurricular activities to recommended doctors and wholesome nutrition – parents like you take the utmost care to give the best to your child!


However, there’s another way you can ensure that your child continues to get the best. Did you know that mobile apps offer incredible opportunities for kids to learn new concepts? Here are five statistics to show how learning tools and methods are changing around the globe and why you need to join the bandwagon:

1. 50% of parents want schools to make more use of mobile devices for education:

Yes, that’s right! Parents around the globe are beginning to see the many benefits of using mobile devices as learning tools for their kids. 32% of parents believe that mobile devices should be required in the classroom. In fact, 59% of parents agree that mobile devices help engage students in the classroom.

Several studies indicate that mobile apps open up new learning opportunities and can benefit students by making learning interesting. Do you think that mobile devices in the classroom can benefit your child?

2. 72% of children use mobile devices:

Parents, you only need to look around to realise that kids today are exposed to technology from a very young age. A study by Common Sense Media found that 38% of children under the age of 2 are using mobile devices to play games, watch videos, etc.

This study also revealed that infants and toddlers spend more than twice as much time with screen media as with books. Today’s kids are increasingly choosing tablets over textbooks. Are you helping your child keep up with this changing trend in learning?

3. 72% of iTunes’ top-selling apps are for preschoolers and elementary students:

Technology for children is the latest trend! Did you know that 30% of the apps on parents’ mobile devices are for their kids? In fact, families with children aged 8 and below saw a fivefold increase (from 8% to 40%) in the ownership of tablets in 2 years.

Mobile apps for kids vary widely – right from interactive games that help kids learn science to puzzles that teach them about the world and environment. Do you encourage your child to use mobile apps to discover and learn new things?

4. 68% of parents agree that mobile devices and apps help their kids learn to read:

Mobile apps can offer valuable benefits for early learners. Yes, that’s right! Interactive mobile apps can help kids develop skills such as reading, counting, and hand-eye coordination.

In fact, recent studies show that learning apps have increased the vocabulary of kids aged 3 and 5 by 17% and 27% respectively. These apps use phonetics and repetition of key phrases to help kids internalise sounds and words. This goes a long way in helping kids develop their language and reading skills. Are you helping your child make full use of the many benefits of mobile apps?

5. 85% of parents with kids in Kindergarten through grade 2 agree that mobile apps make learning fun for their children:

Unlike textbooks, mobile apps can bring stories and facts to life through lively animation and effects. That’s why 77% of parents agree that tablets and mobile devices help children with learning and creativity.

For example, the best-selling Bible App for Kids takes children through an interactive journey through the Bible with touch-screen animations, sound effects, trivia questions, and games. By making biblical characters and stories spring to life, this app will help your child explore and learn God’s word in a fun and engaging way. It’s no surprise that this app has been downloaded 14 million times in 3 years! Is there a better way to introduce your child to the Bible?

Parents and kids across the globe are loving the Bible App for Kids! In fact, some have even said that this app is by far the best Bible app for children! So, why not download this app and give your kid an opportunity to experience the Bible like never before. Click the button below and get the FREE Bible App for Kids right away.

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