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Which child doesn’t love reading and listening to stories? In fact, reading out and sharing stories is a great way for parents to spend time together with their kids. Moreover, storytelling is known to promote language, creativity, and brain development among kids.

Parents, is there a better wellspring of stories than the Bible? God’s word is full of fascinating stories that will teach your child about His unending love, faithfulness, and goodness. The Bible App for Kids is just the tool you need to equip your child with all the awesome benefits of storytelling, while he or she sets out on a journey to explore the Word through 40+ interactive stories.

Let’s take a look at the top six benefits of storytelling that the Bible App for Kids will offer your little one:

1. Teaches new vocabulary:

Storytelling will help your child learn to recognise and pronounce new words and phrases. After all, stories introduce children to many new words that they would not typically hear in the course of regular conversations.

The Bible App for Kids offers over 40 Bible stories for kids aged 2-8. Your child can choose to either read the different stories by himself or herself or switch on the lively narration of the app. Both these options will help your child grasp many different words and learn how to pronounce them correctly.

2. Develops listening skills:

It is a natural tendency among children to want to talk rather than listen! Given that children typically have limited attention spans, storytelling is just what parents need to help their little ones become more attentive.

Storytelling can foster the development of listening skills that will benefit children all their lives. Since the Bible App for Kids has been designed specially for kids between 2-8, you will find that its stories are short, crisp, and engaging. As a result, your child will not only learn key Bible stories in minutes, but also enjoy the learning experience.

In fact, the Bible App for Kids goes the extra mile to capture children’s attention through its animated narrative style and sound effects.

3. Promotes creativity and imagination:

Research indicates that imagination plays a crucial role in the cognitive development of a child. Isn’t storytelling a great way to encourage your child to be more creative and imaginative? After all, stories open a brand new world of fascinating places, characters, and scenarios that take kids on an exciting journey.

The Bible App for Kids makes stories from the Word jump to life with its interactive features and touch-screen animations. Where else will your child be able to ride Noah’s ark, part the Red Sea with Moses, and help Abraham build an altar?

4. Sharpens memory:

When kids look at visuals on an app or book while listening to stories, they learn to associate certain images with that story. In addition, asking kids questions about a story that they have recently heard also helps them remember the lessons learnt.

The Bible App for Kids asks its young readers short questions in the course of the different stories. This not only helps kids remember the stories, but also boosts their concentration.

Moreover, the different stories also repeat key words and phrases to help kids understand and remember them. In the story God’s Amazing Promise, for example, your child will hear the words “trust me” repeatedly to encourage him or her to trust the Father.

5. Enhances communication:

Another great advantage of storytelling is that it encourages kids to frame and ask questions about what they listen and learn. This not only teaches kids how to start a conversation, but also prompts them to speak with confidence.

For example, the Bible App for Kids opens up a whole world of new sights, sounds, and experiences. As the app takes your child on a delight-filled journey through the Word, he or she will walk alongside the different men and women of the Bible, visit historic sites, and see new landscapes and costumes that will surely give your son or daughter a lot to talk about!

You can also point out and talk about the different elements on the screen. In addition, remember to ask your child questions after each story to prompt him or her to talk about the lessons learnt.

6. Strengthens relationships:

Storytelling is an art that brings children, parents, and grandparents closer to each other. Reading stories with children is a great way to spend time with them. In doing so, storytelling helps build and strengthen family ties. Not just that, this exercise also lays the foundation for your child’s lifelong social, communication, and interpersonal skills.

In fact, the Bible App for Kids has fantastic resources for parents to guide them as they help their kids reflect on the lessons learnt from the apps’ stories. Here, you’ll find questions that you can discuss with your little one, Bible verses that you can help him or her memorise, and activities that you can do together. What better way for your family to come together than by exploring God’s word together?

What are some other benefits of storytelling? With the Bible App for Kids at hand, you can indulge in storytelling with your child in a brand new way.

This FREE app will not only introduce your kid to God and His word in an unforgettable way, but also help him or her enjoy all the awesome benefits of storytelling that we talked about in this blog.

So, click on the button below and download the app today!

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